We are holding a ninja training event at the birthplace of Iga Ninja. You can have your training in Iga mountain where once ninjas may have trained.

Iga city is in the northwest part of Mie prefecture, consisting Ueno basin (Iga basin) and woodland hills around.

It is located in between two big-cities, Osaka and Nagoya, within an hour distance from either city.

Despite its convenient location, there is wonderful environment with a lot of nature still around.

We planned this race with aims such as “to let many people know the great nature of Iga,” “to make people feel ninja’s heart by joining the race (modern ninja training) and hope it will become a stimulus in their daily life or health control” and “to vitalize the local area by providing an opportunity to communicate for local people and people visiting Iga for the race.”

This is our second tournament, and we are preparing various tricks with local people and staffs so that participants may enjoy themselves more than the last time.

Please look forward to it.

Concept “Play seriously. Enjoy seriously.”
Specificity of the tournament 1. A course to experience ancient ninja training
2. A course to savor “trip” between mountain and village
3. A warm hospitality from local people
4. An Eco-friendly tournament (not using paper cups etc.)
5. A race that value enjoyment than the ranking or time
Date Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Distance/quota ①Long (48km) 400people  ②Short (18km) 400people  ③Families/kids 100people
Entry period From May 1st to September 30th, 2018, Entries will be closed once all the places are taken
Entry qualifications Long
①Who is high school student or older and is confident of him/herself to finish all the course within the time limit without getting lost. (anyone under 18 years of age must have his/her parents signed to consent)
②Who have experience of finishing trail running course over 30km in the past, or who is capable of joining training sessions or trial running sessions held by Iga Trail Runners Club after May more than once. Applicants must meet the 2 above conditions.
Prize Each category: Top 3 of Men and Women respectively/ Age 50 years or older (adult part) / Top 3 of Men and Women respectively
Family course, elementary school student (4th grade or older), junior high school student or older
There is no prize for the Family pair category
Tournament schedule ●Saturday, November 3rd
5:30-6:30 Check in
7:00 Start of Long
8:00 Short/Family check in
10:00 Start of Family
11:00 Start of Short
12:00 The first runner of Long should reach the goal
15:00- Prize ceremony (plan)
around 17:00 the last runner reaches the goal (time limit 10hours)
18:00- Post event celebration
Course 〈Long〉
Sarubino hot spring – Saikyou mountain – Tashiro pond – Oohira pond – Top of Rei mountain – Rei mountain temple – Takusyoku area citizen center – Takusyoku village – Hata mountain – zoro peak – Aburahidake – Takusyoku village – Takusyoku area citizen center - Rei mountain branch – Tashiro pond – Oohira pond – Sarubino hot spring
Sarubino hot spring – Saikyou mountain – Tashiro pond – Oohira pond – Sarubino hot spring
Rules of the tournament 1.This race will decide the ranking by the order of time to finish the given course.
2.We will set a time limit at each check point, and basically the runners who exceed the time limit must cease the race and descend the mountain following the instructions of the staff.
3.If you exceed the time limit after passing each check point, you must cease the race and descend the mountain following the instructions of staff. Do not descend the mountain without informing the staff.
4.The race may be canceled when the staff judges it is difficult to continue.
5.Make sure to inform the staff around you when you retire. Failure to do so shall result to turn down of your entry for the next year.
6.We might cancel the race due to the weather condition during the race.
7.Although it is prohibited to use pole or stick during the race for protecting nature and controlling safety, you may use them if an emergency such as injury arises.
8.The following runners will be disqualified.
 ・runners who take an action against nature protection
 ・runners who violate tournament rules and do not follow the staff’s instruction
 ・runners who participated by falsifying the entry qualification
 ・runners who don’t wear number cloth
 ・runners who threw trashes away during the race
 ・runners who cheated
Caution 1.Be sure to bring your health insurance card on the day of the tournament.
2.We may deny your participation in case you were late for the check-in.
3.Though we will provide first aid for accidents during the race, we shall not be responsible for anything further.
4.The race may be canceled in case it’s decided impossible to continue by bad whether etc. In such case, we will give you the participation prize but shall not refund participation fee etc.
5.For the absence due to personal reasons, we shall not refund participation fee etc.
6.For necessary personal equipment such as rain-wear, provisions and drink etc., please bring them under your own decision.
7.Please wear number cloth at the breast position so that it’s visible.
8.During the race, anyone other than participants and tournament related personnel will be prohibited to run on the trail in order to manage safety.
9.The publication right of video, record, photo, article etc. of the tournament on newspaper, TV, Internet etc. shall belong to the host.
10.Please put your belonging other than things necessary for race in the place where staff indicated. However, please manage valuables and fragile article by yourself. We shall not be responsible for the loss.
11.Make sure to bring your own waste to home.

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